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KOOLFEVER for Body -
For all ages

KOOLFEVER for Body absorbs and disperses heat effectively. Simply apply the small palmed- sized patch on the neck, wrists, underarms, inner thighs, ankles or any narrow parts of the body where the major arteries are found. With the blood cooled at the areas and circulated around the body, temperature is effectively brought down. It tightly fits to the skin and it is not displaced even the wearer moves. The crisp and cool effect will last for about 8 hours. KOOLFEVER for Body is gentle on the skin. There are no fragrance and colouring.

Whole Night Cooling

How to apply.

  1. Remove transparent film and tightly affix the gel cooling surface to desired body parts.

  2. For efficacy and hygiene, use KOOLFEVER only once

Can be used to cool areas such as:

Applying on parts of the body, where major blood vessels are close to the skin surface, lowers blood temperature effectively to help soothe a sudden fever.

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